STUDENTS are expected to arrive on time and prepared to learn.  Students are expected to focus on their assignments and work collaboratively with their instructor and virtual classmates.  Students are expected to listen to directions and support a fun, safe, and respectful learning environment.  Students are expected to use their time wisely and avoid distractions.  Failure to follow directions will lead to discussion with parent or, if three needs to improve notes are sent home, expulsion from the program.

PARENTS AND GUARDIANS are expected to monitor their children to make sure that their children complete the assignment on time and email the assignment completion on time.  Parents and guardians are expected to communicate any comments or concerns to Ayanaw in a timely manner.

For further questions, Use the following contact address


Ayanaw Hagos

Phone:+1 615-779-2210

Email: ayunetwork@utopiamath.com


UTOPIA MATH Academy Enrollment Form

General Information

    Math $149 per month for the first studentMath $129 per month for the second student with family plan discountMath $109 per month for the third student with family plan discountCoding $159 per monthComputer Basic Skill for Adults $159 per Month

    Special Needs
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    I have read and understand the UTOPIA MATH Academy enrollment packages, and I will support and maintain a learning environment that is safe and fun for all studentsI understand the Utopia Math Academy expectations and consequencesI understand that I can request to cancel enrollment at any time, parents and/or Adult Students must submit a cancellation request in writing, either by text or email, at least 30 days before the last desired date of attendanceRegistration and processing fee of $49 per child. The monthly tuition is due in advance, on the 1st day of the month. Registration fee and monthly tuition are non-refundable:
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    I will manage my behavior in a way that helps the instructor to be fun and safe for everyoneI understand that I will attend twice a week for one hour each day
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