Coding for Kids I (Scratch): Summer Program

Coding for Kids I (Scratch Version): Summer Program

I am your famous sprite!!!.
This is the way you do your blocks. Its Fun!!

Coding for Kids I

It is important to note that the development of computer science skills are also subjective to individual student progress and the amount of time dedicated to completing coding courses. The eventual mastering of these benefits also depends on whether a child’s school offers coding classes or not.

In terms of math skills, coding helps students learn algorithmic thinking or in other words, how to strategize which formulas can be applied to other instances in order to come up with quick solutions for various other problems. Middle Schoolers are at an ideal cognitive stage to fully utilize these skills.

Through coding, middle schoolers can better understand logic and how important sequencing, or the order of commands, is.

Coding helps students learn computational thinking which helps with recognizing data patterns and behave similarly to the systematic way in which a computer behaves.

Coding helps strengthen the ability of preschoolers and kindergartners to learn and recover from failure since making a mistake.

Elementary students, specifically between ten-fourteen year-old love to exercise independence through completing their own projects without the help of an adult.

Pedagogically-speaking, the coding outcomes that you can expect to see in children as they learn to code are problem-solving skills, creativity, algorithmic, sequential and computational thinking skills.

Therefore, this course in general allows for young kids to integrate creativity, problem solving, algorithmic, sequential and computational thinking through storytelling, games, and animation. Kids will collaborate on projects through the use of Scratch, and share their projects online. We are working on kids of age between (10-14)

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