Coding for Kids II (Python Version) Summer Program

Coding for Kids II (Python Version): Summer Program

This Course can  improve kid’s critical and logical thinking and allow them to come up with efficient solutions for the problems. This will also ease your kid with math, as coding lets children conceive more complex concepts in a mathematical approach and effortlessly come up with solutions. The course is intended for kids between 15-18 years of age.

Today, one cannot argue with those who say that learning programming languages is very important. People around the globe use smart technologies that perform various orders provided by specific programming codes. Javascript, C++, Python, and other programming languages are popular in every country

Python is the best start-off for kids as it has intuitive coding style, plain English text-based commands, help comment which in-built, and vast amount of online resources.

It helps kids turning their ideas into tangible result. They can easily create their own programs, applications, games, animation, web-sites, problem solving exercises and much more.

Kids can write coding lines in few steps because of its accessible nature than other programming languages like java and C++.

Python uses English language commands which are easy to understand and make sense. This means it is easier to for kids to learn.

Children who learns python, improves and develop their multiple facets of educational syllabus including writing, creativity and maths.

Programming languages which use English language commands like python helps children improve their writing skills. It will make them improve their storytelling skills in English language.

Python helps kids develop their problem solving skills by making them develop efficient and simple solutions using critical thinking.

Why Python?

Python Belongs to the Simplest Coding Languages

If a beginner wants to master some coding, it will be better to start with Python. Experts name three positive features of projects that require this coding:

It is easy to read;

It is easy to write;

It is easy to memorize it. 

In other words, this programming language is not too complicated. The reason for that is its similarity with English syntax. Its developers made it user-friendly. Unlike a number of other codes, it includes spaces and is written line by line. So, everyone can comprehend what it says. 

It Belongs to the Most Demanded Codes in the Job Market

High-Level Productivity

Some coding languages demand a deep understanding of their behavior and syntax from programmers. A Python assignment requires less coding but promises faster problem-solving due to this simplicity. So, students write little, but the program does more compared to other coding languages. 

Smart Technology Involves Python

Smartphones, smart houses, smart cars, and other technology involve artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, in its turn, involves Python coding to run smoothly and as it should. The language is rich in frameworks and libraries, so it simplifies the device creation and its setting. 

It Does Not Need Additional Code for Different Platforms

It often happens that when people use C++ on various platforms, they have to change it each time when shifting. The most beneficial feature of Python is that it operates on all platforms without any alterations. It guarantees its excellent portability from Linux to Windows, and from Windows to MacOS.