Date : 
Term 1:  10/15/2020 to 12/15/2020   (class is full)
Term 2:  01/16/2021 to 03/14/2021
Course Instructor: Yessuf A.
Time: Two Days per week ( one and half hour/day)
Duration: For Adults 8 Weeks. For Children with the Public School Calendar  
In this course, students will be introduced to various basic computer skills. This includes basic computer literacy and understanding basic computer related terms, identify basic hardware components and peripheral devices.  Students will also be introduced to basic software applications which includes word processing, spreadsheets and multimedia presentation. Students will also be introduced to basics of the internet and the World Wide Web.
Due to the advancement of technologies, computers have become an essential part of life. These days, the Internet has changed almost every aspect of our lives. Everyday activities such as buying groceries, seeing a doctor, taking classes, communicating with loved ones can all be done on the Internet. Our world is only going to become more computer-driven. Therefore, understanding the basics of computers and learning how to use computers has become an essential part of ours and our children’s lives.
In addition to the above reasons, when unforeseen situations like the Covid-19 pandemic affects our world, many activities including work and the teaching learning process are forced to be conducted virtually. For such cases, any parent and students who know how to use the computer will adapt to the changing environment without any delay.
Course Syllabus
After completing this course, students have basic understanding of
  • The basic parts of the computer
    • Computer Hardware
    • Computer Software
  • Word Processing
    • Creating documents
    • Formatting text and paragraphs
    • Managing lists
    • Adding tables and inserting graphics objects
    • Controlling page appearance
    • Preparing to publish and print documents
  • Spread Shit
    • Creating and modifying worksheet
    • Performing calculations
    • Formatting and managing worksheets
  • Power Point presentation
    • Developing a PowerPoint presentation
    • Performing advanced text editing operations
    • Adding graphical elements
    • Adding tables, charts and other objects to your presentation
  • The Internet and the World Wide Web
    • The Internet
    • Web browsers
    • Parts of web address
    • Links and Navigating web pages
    • Search engines
    • Email