ALL STUDENTS are expected to arrive on time and prepared to learn.  Students are expected to focus on their assignments and work collaboratively with their instructor and virtual classmates.  Students are expected to listen to directions and support a fun, safe, and respectful learning environment.  Students are expected to use their time wisely and avoid distractions.

If it is a child that is taking the Information Technology course, parents and guardians are expected to monitor their children to make sure that their children complete the assignment on time and email the assignment completion on time.  Parents and guardians are expected to communicate any comments or concerns to the instructor in a timely manner.

NOTE: All students must have a computer, either a desktop or a laptop, to follow along with the instructor and to do exercises and home works. 

For further questions, Use the following contact address

Utopia Math Academy

Director/Mathematics Instructor: Ayanaw Hagos

Phone: (615) 779-2210

Email: ayunetwork@utopiamath.com

Microsoft SQL Database administration/Intro to Computer Instructor:  Yessuf Addis

CDL Learner Permit Exam Training Instructor: Ayanaw Hagos

UTOPIA MATH Academy CDL Course Enrollment Form

CDL Learner Permit Exam $180 per month for two month course

I have read and understand the UMTC enrollment packet, and I will support and maintaining a learning environment that is safe and fun for all studentsI understand the UMTC expectations and consequences:
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I will manage my behavior in a way that helps instructor to be fun and safe for everyone
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