Computer Basic Skill for Adults

Computer Basics for Adults

Technology is becoming more prevalent in the workplace. Even when you apply for an entry level position, you are expected to have a basic understanding of computers, as well as several common programs. Even if you aren’t looking for work, computers are becoming more ingrained in the world. Many businesses operate entirely online. Even systems with in-person options are typically more efficient to access using a computer.

For adults who lack familiarity with computers, life in the modern age can be a challenge. That’s because technology is involved in almost every aspect of our lives: we need it for work, school, keeping in touch, day-to-day task management, remote education and even online shopping.

You need an email address to sign up for new services, make online purchases, apply for jobs and education programs, and communicate with friends and family. Even something as simple as locating a suitable local tradesman is more efficient when done through an online search vs. looking in the yellow pages.

And while tablets and smartphones account for a large portion of our daily technology use, computers are still an important tool. Being able to use word processors is practically a requirement for students and working professionals because most formal assignments and written reports must be typed. 

This is one reason why some adults decide to take a typing course to improve their keyboarding skills and make it easier and faster to write on the computer.

The Computer Basics course is designed to get anyone who may feel confused, overwhelmed, or mystified by computers with using them. This course is a weekly course with a session lasting about 2 hours.

This course will give students an opportunity to work some easy tasks from home using their computer as well as their mobile devices and to apply for jobs that required basic computer skills, such as front desk officer, reception, helpdesk and more.